Thursday, September 4, 2014

HP has answered our Mobile Printing Prayers - HP 1200w NFC Mobile Print Accessory

UPDATE 4-20-15: Please be aware that someone has started selling knock-off mobile print bundles on Amazon. I cannot speak to the quality of any of the pieces from this vendor. I can only support the mobile print bundle sold by Tangent Tech. Thank you.

First of all, thank you to everyone for following my post from last year on how to get a mobile printer working with an iPad. While it did work, my setup was impractical for most non-tech people. It is strange that there have been almost no developments in the market place as far as iPad compatible mobile printers.

Lucky for us HP has released what is a nice interim solution. The HP1200w allows you to use the HP 100 Mobile or HP 150 mobile with your iPad. Unfortunately it is a separate add-on, but if you are desperate for mobile printing this will get you least until someone releases a printer with the ability to directly connect your iPad via WiFi.

For the time being I recommend you purchase the 1200w direct from HP. There are third party vendors selling it, but usually at an insane markup. HP sells them for $49 at the time of this writing. HP shipping is usually quite fast too.

Here is my new video showing how to set up the 1200w to work with your iPad or iPhone:

Link to buy the 1200w -

Link to buy the Mobile Print Bundle -

Link to buy the HP 100 Mobile -

Link to buy the HP 150HP 150 Mobile -

If you would rather buy the barrel connectors individually instead of buying the bundle, you can get them here -

Thanks for viewing this blog. If you have any questions feel free to post!

Monday, July 1, 2013

How To Set Up A Mobile Printer To Work With Your iPad



Do you ever need to print out a product sheet for a customer from your iPad? Maybe you have fillable PDF forms that you use with "PDF Expert" on your iPad and you need to leave a copy on site? Unfortunately at this time there are no commercially available Mobile iPad Printers. Follow the steps in my YouTube video to find out how to set up either an HP 100 or HP 150 Mobile Printer to work with your iPad! You will also find a parts list, updated information and troubleshooting tips right here on this blog.

Please note that using this solution requires about $120-$130 in additional purchases on top of the cost of your printer. It also requires at least a 3rd generation iPad with the mobile hotspot feature and cellular service. It is 100% mobile (no power inverters, no bulky desktop printers in your car), but it will require some work for you to get it set up. Once it is set up and configured for the iPad it will be paired with it seems to work flawlessly. I am in the midst of rolling this out for my mobile workforce.

This video may seem daunting, but all of the steps are there and the video is put together in such a way that anyone should be able to set up one of these printers by following the steps. If you are putting multiple of these together for a mobile workforce, take it from me, you get quicker with each one. Eventually you'll be able to set one up from start to finish in half an hour.

If you want to see the configured printer in action, go to the YouTube video and watch starting at the 17:40 mark.

Leave any comments or suggestions in the "Comments" section. I will update the "Trouble Shooting Tips" and "Parts List" pages over time. I want this to be an interactive discussion, and hopefully as I get feedback I can streamline this even more.

I would like to give a special thank you to HP, Lantronix and TP-Link. Without their products I would not have been able to get this solution working.

YouTube Instructional Video -
iPad Compatible Mobile Printer Parts List -

Here are six printers I set up on 7-12-13. There are five HP 100 Mobile printers and one HP 150 Mobile printer. I will post updates about how they work in field testing with my iPad users. This will be a good stress test since my field users work in some pretty rough locations.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The genesis of this blog

How often have you had a device or piece of software that ALMOST does everything you need it to? This IT blog is dedicated to the problem solvers who make this stuff work. Here I will post my hacks and tips for those little annoyances I've been able to solve. I welcome anyone else's contributions or opinions to help others make this stuff work.